22 November 2022 in Jochiji Kamakura, Japan

Balance of Life Autumn Retreat

We hosted the one-day teaser at Jochiji, Kamakura Japan on 22 November 2022 with a small group of professional ladies, which was the prelude for the kick-start of the year-round Balance of Life 3 days 2 night Retreat, which will be a bespoke designed for female entrepreneurs or leaders across Asia.
Through the program, you will renew your vigor, focus your thoughts, regain perspective, and learn how to feel your best every day for work, play and life in a harmonious way. A workplace environment can mean stress, deadlines, competition and hefty workloads. By creating an unique experience, we want to provide the opportunity to harness greater balance, harmony and reawaken new energies in a serene setting, worlds apart from the everyday rush and pressures.

Testimonial from the participants

It was wonderful interacting with powerful female professionals in the program. I found it very inspiring and motivating to hear their stories and we could learn from each other. Zazen and Kintsugi were quite therapeutic and great ways to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Also, the environment of the temple was perfect to regain peace of mind. I realized the importance of self-reflection and the constant efforts in order to be in control of your life.

(Yuka I.)

Truly grateful to join this retreat trial at Kamakura with Elsie and a group of aspiring female leaders in Japan. We were blessed to practice Zazen with the resident priest, which helped me to keep awareness on my body and is grounded in the present moment. I really enjoyed the unique experience to be a part of the Kintsugi process – sprinkling gold powder on to lacquer-dabbed cracks. Repairing the restore dish somehow celebrates the beauty of imperfection, a deep connection with my heart, a healing practice for me in the busy modern world. 

(Gladys T.)

It was a rare opportunity to find peace of mind and the importance of the current state of mind in the beautiful setting surrounded in nature. The unique experience like Zazen and Kintsugi made this event also special. With wonderful female entrepreneurs, I found this event very inspirational, and it gave me a full of fresh energy. If you are busy entrepreneurs but keen to explore culture, friendship and inside yourself, this program is strongly recommended!

(Keiko S.)

I had a great retreat experience at a beautiful location set at a temple in Kamakura, Japan. The whole program and activities made me to wind down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reminded me to cherish and appreciate what I have in life. I love how Elsie’s workshop and planned activities all tied in together under the program theme “self-reflection”. I highly recommend Elsie’s retreat program to all women who need a pause in their life to regain and nourish their inner beauty, confidence, harmony and balance. 

(Kana F.)

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