WorkplaceChange: Lumberjack

Change: Lumberjack

A very strong lumberjack once applied for a job with a wood supplier.  He was hired for the position and even offered a generous wage and was thus determined to succeed and do his very best.  His employer gave him an ax and showed him the way to the area of the forest in which he would be working.

On his first day, the lumberjack felled 18 trees, leaving his boss very pleased.  “Well done. Keep up the good work,” he remarked.  Buoyed and motivated by his employer’s encouragement, the lumberjack showed up for work for the next day even more enthusiastic than he had been the day before.  To his disappointment, however, he managed to fell just 15 trees that day.

On the third day, the lumberjack worked even harder, but ended up with a tally or only 10 trees.

And as each day passed, despite putting all he had onto to his work, the lumberjack managed to cut down fewer and fewer trees.

“I must be losing my strength,” he thought to himself”, and decided to approach his employer to apologise and express his inability to understand what was happening to him.

“When was the last time you sharpened the blade of your ax?” his boss asked.

“Sharpen? Replied the lumberjack.  “I didn’t have the time to stop to sharpen my blade;  I was too busy chopping down trees.”

Question for Reflection

What would I like to address to achieve what I want ?

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