On a charming little island, abundant in thick vegetation and green pastures, there lived a very special cow that led a rather strange life.  During the day, with the sun shining bright in the sky, the cow would merrily wander through the fields, earing the lush grass and enjoying itself.  But the moment the sun went down and darkness fell on the island, the cow would become very agitated and frightened.

“What is to become of me? Is all the grass finished? I can’t see anything at all around me.  What am I going to do?” she would ask herself as she wandered troubled through the night, hardly able to sleep a wink out of fear.

When day broke again, however, and the sun once again shone over the island and the green grass could be seen all around, the cow would jump for joy, forget the troubles of the night and eat again to her heart’s content.

That is, of course, until night fell once again – and the cycle would continue.  And thus, day after day, the cow would live her life.

A Sufi story

Question for Reflection

Am I willing to approach my fear and do something differently?

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