RelationshipsNetworking: Two partners

Networking: Two partners

Living lives of misery in a distant village high up in the Himalayas were two men – the on, blind; the other, lame.  The two men were strangers to one another, and each lived a life of intense self-pity, on the brink of starvation.  They were both so filled with despair that they would pray to God to be released of the burden of life.  One day, in early springtime, the blind man was on his way to beg at the local market when he overheard the lame man’s prayers.  Moved by what he had heard, and knowing he had finally found someone in the same situation, the blind man approached the paralyzed man and the two began talking.  They shared their bitter fates, and immediately became good friends.

“We are both suffering,” the lame man said.  “Each of us has his own misery.  Perhaps if we work together, we’d be able to make things easier for one another.” “It’s impossible,” the blind man replied, “I am blind and cannot see at all; and you are lame and cannot walk. How can we be of any use to one another?” “It’s simple,” the paralyzed man responded enthusiastically.  “ I have eyes and you have legs; together, we have all we need.” “I will carry you on my back,” the blind man excitedly added.  “I will be your legs; and you will serve as my eyes and guide me.” And the two men have lived thus together ever since, joyfully and prosperously.

Indian folk tale

Question for Reflection How do others perceive cooperating with me ?

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