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Be Mindful Everyday

“To a mind that is still,
the whole universe surrenders.”

-Lao Tzu

Think about it. Given a choice, whom you would like to be with? Somebody who is calm and collected even during difficult situations or somebody who is frantic and behaves like an emotional trainwreck?

Yes, Universal energies too would like to be with someone who is in balance and harmony with external and internal realities and who is paying attention to all experiences with more flexibility and openness.

Mindfulness is about pausing your mind and being aware throughout the day in connection with your source of energy within. It’s about slowing down and carefully considering details in order to have composed experiences devoid of strong reactions.

Let’s explore 4 mindful practices you can easily apply in home or office environment.

  1. Expand time and space: Most of the stresses are created due to lack time or lack of mental or physical space. Relieve time pressure if it is possible and address priorities first so no urgent task is missed out. You can choose to also expand your sense of available space by stepping out-side, going for short walk or just taking few long breaths.

Once the time-space zone is zoomed in, you may find that few things can be added or taken out to reach a desired destination. When the feeling of overwhelm and burnout disappears, your mind will naturally start towards finding best possible solutions.

  1.  Declutter: There is a direct correlation between clutter and stress. Do your best to always keep your home and workplace tidy. Also take time out to delete unnecessary files, tidy up calendar and set realistic boundaries. Remove unnecessary notifications and do your best to clear emails regular basis. Doing so will give you sense of accomplishment, a clear headspace and control of your own work environments.
  2. Give importance to building and maintaining connections: Having a sense of bonding and connection boosts co-operation and mental capabilities. Just how relationships with family and friends are important, building and maintaining healthy relationships with team members, mentors and partners are equally important; especially now when our work and home lives are intertwined more than ever. You can also try writing a smaller email/letter/card to a colleague or friends in your business community to see how things with them are and compliment their work or extend support if you can.
  3. Gratitude: Expressing and receiving gratitude is an anti-dote to fear and anxiety and it helps bring our attention to present moment and be thankful about it. The attitude of gratitude will help your physical, mental and also emotional health. With practice of gratitude, you will also find yourself more open to learning new skills, sharing knowledge, meeting new people, and discovering talent and experiencing new ways of living and being.

    Question for Reflection : 
    What am I aware of myself at this moment ?

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