Life EssentialsFocus – Chasing Two Foxes at the same time

Focus – Chasing Two Foxes at the same time

A martial arts student approached his teacher one day and said “I would truly love to be a great aikido warrior one day, but I believe I should also devote myself to judo so that I can be familiar with various types of martial arts.  Only thus will I become the greatest warrior of all.”

The teacher listened to his student quietly and then replied:  “If a man walks through a field and begins to chase after two foxes at the same time, surely there will come a moment when each animal takes off in a different direction.  The man will be left standing there confused, without knowing which fox to chase.  By the time he decides, he will find that both animals are out of reach, and that he has wasted time and energy for nothing.”

Zen Story

Question for Reflection

How is focus achieved ?

What should I focus my energy on, today ?

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