WorkplaceBalance – The Secret of Life

Balance – The Secret of Life

A rabbi was passing through a village one day with one of his students when he was suddenly approached by an elderly man, who asked: “Tell me, dear rabbi, how can I get close to God?” “Have fun, enjoy yourself, have a good time. Praise our Creator with your happiness,” the rabbi answered, and continued on his way with his student.

A little while later, the two came across a young man, who posed the same question: “Tell me, honorable rabbi, how can I get close to God?” “Do your best to stay away from entertainment and enjoyment,” the rabbi replied this time.

When the young man had gone on his way, the perplexed student turned to his rabbi and asked: ”Why did you give those men two different answers to the question of how to get close to the Creator?”  “A man’s search is like a bridge without a railing that spans a deep chasm,” the rabbi said.  “If someone is too close to the right, I tell him to veer left.  And if someone strays to the left, I tell him to move to the right.  The edges keep us from the correct road.”

Hassidic story

Question for Reflection

What make “balance” important to me ?

What do I need to stabilize myself ?

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