Personal GrowthVision that give you clarity of mind

Vision that give you clarity of mind

Have you ever found yourself just floundering around? When you have time, but you don’t know what to do when there are number of things you can possibly do? These are the times when remembering your life vision comes handy. You definitely would not want people and circumstances to govern most of your life, right? What do you really want? Whether your path forward will take you near your desired destination or not?

Whether it is your business or life itself, having a vision gives you clarity of mind especially when you need the most. Your vision is your compass to guide you through difficult terrains of life. Creating a compelling vision for your life is like having a blueprint of your ideal life of satisfaction and personal happiness.

Creating a vision and time to time fine tuning needs reflection; reflection of your aspirations, experiences, and future dreams to direct the course of your future life. Your deeper reflection will resonate with your core values, and it will generate energy and enthusiasm to help strengthen your commitment to explore the possibilities of your life. Below are some of the thought provoking questions for your exploration:

What do you really want?

  1. What is your ideal life looks like?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. How do you want your friends and family to remember you as a person?

Where are you at?

  1. What is your current state of your mind? Happy, sad or confused?
  2. How your relationships look like currently?
  3. What matters to you now? What are your 3 main priorities in life?

Where you want to be?

  1. What are the steps or milestones you want to reach?
  2. What skills you need to learn along the way?
  3. What important choices you need to make?

Now when you know different aspects of your vision and important steps you need to take in the areas of health, finance, career, relationships and personal growth, ponder what are the initial steps you want to take towards your vision. Remember, as Lao Tzu says, journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Don’t forget to revisit your vision on regular basis and make appropriate changes based on the current scenario. 

Since the Corona pandemic has started, it has become difficult to plan for the next 5 or 10 years but having a vision during these turbulent times will certainly help you to set the direction in which your life will flow. 

Question for Reflection :  What am I  passionate about ?

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